Alder Smoked Kenai River Silver Salmond

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Got down to a few servings of Kenai River Silver Salmon I caught this summer at Centennial Park, Soldatna, Alaska so I decided to smoke them

Naturally I opted to use Kummok’s Smoked Alaskan Salmon recipe for the task.  Kummok is from Homer, AK.  Here is a photo overlooking the famous Spit in Homer.  Imagine having to live with this kind of scenery!!

Here I am on the Kenai River holding one of the Silver salmon

One of the many breathtaking sunsets on the Kenai River.  Using roe and light tackle.  Talk about fun!!!

Smoking these beauties as I type.  Should be ready in about an hour

You gotta love it … from the Kenai River to my Bradley.  The finished product.  Used Alder

Like Kummok says “… I personally believe that you’d have to try REAL hard to make a batch of smoke salmon unpalatable by over smoking/cooking …”

Pecan/Apple Smoke Turkey Breast & Growlers

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Picked up a growler of Amber yesterday from my local brewery (man does not live by Jim Beam alone) and needed something to smoke with it.  Decided  on a turkey breast since that would take longer and give me ample time to put a dent in the growler  Grin

What the hell is a growler? We’re not talking about the USS Growler, a small iceberg, a four-wheeled hansom cab from England, a sexual offender or any of the other slang phrases associated with the word – there are many. We’re talking about that which carries fresh beer from a brewery to your house.  Growlers are filled straight from the tap, sealed with a twist-cap.  Almost all brewpubs sell growlers these days, as do many breweries. And regardless of its true origin the growler is a great way to take home some fresh brew from a local brewery or brewpub.

Here’s the growler and the breast rubbed with a little Roasted Garlic EVOO and some spice

PID set to 250º, vent wide open, 3 hours of smoke (1 to 1 pecan/apple)
Turkey breast was only 6.4 lbs and took 3 hours to reach IT of 162º

Since it only took 3 hours, my bad, wound up with a 3 hour FTC instead of my preferred 1.5 to 2 hours.
Here’s the growler minus a couple of pints and the breast after FTC.

The $$$$ shot … plated with some steamed tatters, green beans, gravy and washed down with a pint of Amber

This is fun!!!  I should pick up another growler  Grin Grin

Here’s a shot of the growlers I collected this summer while visiting British Columbia, Yukon Territory, and Alaska.

Best part is all that great beer I got to taste before getting one filled and then drinking the one I chose Grin

Yoshida Smoked Chicken Drumsticks

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Decided to try something new with Yoshida’s Original Gourmet Sweet & Savory Marinade & Cooking Sauce that I pick up at Costco.  Over the years I have marinated among other things, pork chops and boneless chicken breasts overnight and then grilled them with great success.  Was wondering what it would taste like if I marinaded some drumsticks before smoking.  I was happy with the results and so decided to share  Grin

Marinated drumsticks overnight with Yoshida and 2 teaspoons of chopped garlic

PID/OBS @ 250º, vent wide open, and 2 hours of Special Blend smoke
Here are the drumsticks after 4 hours

Served with rice and pinto beans … note: skin looked great but was still rubbery

Apple Cold Smoked Cheeses

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As an avid lover of cheeses I have been biding my time till the weather cools here in Central California.  Decided to just go for it and used the advise of various Forum member posts.  Purchased and setup a smoke adapter and used ice in the bottom of the OBS.

Bought some cheese at Costco for the 1st smoke

Top rack: Kirkland Sharp Cheddar, Cabot Pepper Jack, and Yancey’s Fancy Horseradish Cheddar
2nd rack from top: Kirkland Monterey Jack and Costco Gouda
3rd rack from top: Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar (aged 3 years) and Jarlsberg Swiss

Cheese sat at room temperature for an hour.  Placed in OBS @ 8:45 PM with an ambient temperature of 70º.  Maverick temp measured below top rack was 67º with a tray of ice on the bottom.  Applied 2 hours of Apple smoke

Was surprised at the amount of smoke generated.  No wonder they say it tastes like an ashtray when first removed

After an hour the ambient temp dropped to 67º but the internal OBS temp rose to 78º
After 2 hours the ambient temp dropped to 65º and the internal OBS temp reached 81º
Here’s what it looked like

Let the cheese rest for an hour on the counter.  It really reeked of smoke – like an ashtray.  I know what an ashtray smells like cause I smoked for 30 years but quit 10+ years ago  Smiley Was smart enough not to taste it, even though I kind of wanted to, cause everyone has said how bad it tastes

Vacuum packed and labeled for storage in the fridge for 3 to 4 weeks … Finished and hit the sack around 1 AM but it was worth it

Used 2 hours of Apple for the 1st smoke cause that seemed to be the most common postings.  Only time will tell but I think the cheese will turn out great.  The cheese will be a great hit at Thanksgiving along with some smoked turkey breast.  Will report back in 3 to 4 weeks.  Want to thank everyone that has shared their experiences with smoked cheese.  It made my first cheese smoke easy.  Thinking that an OBS temp of 81º should not have harmed to process.

Oak Smoked Tri-Tip

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Got the Tri-Tip ready for tomorrow with an initial rub of Annie’s Roasted Garlic EVOO and then with a mix of 50% Montreal Steak Seasoning and 50% Johnnies Garlic Spread & Seasoning.  Never used this rub before but it should be good.

Here is the Tri-Tip ready to go in the fridge overnight.  Had to rub my innards too  Grin Grin Used a little JB Black to commemorate the use of Jim Beam bisquettes tomorrow.  One can’t be too careful!!

OBS at 250º.  Applied 7 bisquettes of Jim Beam.
Here is the tip after 3 hours … pulled at 140º IT

Sliced open after 45 minute FTC

The money $hot … served with some sauteed mushrooms/onions, beans, and grilled taters

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