Smoked Rack of Ribs

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Man-Oh-Man … Do those ribs look awesome or what!!? Kind of leaves me speechless cause they were as scrumptious as they look. Even though smoke rings do not add/subtract from the taste they sure do look pretty. There are zillions … Read More

Smoked Butt Portion Ham

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Every year around Christmas and/or Thanksgiving I always shop my local grocery store to see what kind of deals I can find on hams, turkeys, and small turkey breasts. Found a nice traditional bone-in fully cooked hickory smoked butt portion … Read More

Smoked Pork Tenderloin

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When it comes to pork tenderloins you just can’t beat what Costco carries. Their packaging contains two packs and each pack contains 2 tenderloins. In the past I’ve always smoked one pack but we wind up only eating about  a … Read More

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