Smoked Stuffed Pork Loin Florentine

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Picked up a 4 lb Pork Loin the other day from my local butcher, Fagundes Meats in Manteca, CA  and while buying it I asked him if he would butterfly it for me so that I could stuff the Loin before smoking it.  Figured ‘Why not …’ I’m paying good money for it.  So he proceeds to show me what they do for all their stuffed meats rather than the old butterfly routine.  Having a senior moment and can’t recall what he called it but basically he cuts a slit in the Loin and creates a pocket down the inside length of the Loin and that’s where you inject the stuffing.  Frank the butcher tells me that I’ll like this method better.  What have I got to lose right ! Grin

Chose to sauté mushrooms, celery, and onions with a bit of minced garlic.  When cooled I mixed it up with 6 oz of fresh spinach and diced smoked Swiss cheese for the stuffing.  Give it that Florentine touch.  The Swiss cheese was Cold Smoked in the OBS a few months ago.

You can see the slit that was cut for the creation of the pocket and the mixed stuffing.

All stuffed and ready for the Bradley Smoker.  Smoker preheated using the PID to 225ºF.  Note that all I had to do was use a few toothpicks to close the opening rather than butcher twine to tie up the whole Loin.

Here is the smoked stuffed loin after 3 hours of hickory.  Pulled it when the IT hit 155ºF.  I know this is high by many standards but I have a squeamish better half that is set in her ways when it comes to pork Undecided You can see just a tad of Swiss cheese oozing out.

Here is what it looked like after a 45 minute FTC

The $$hot … Little baked tater and some corn

Bradley Smoker 2nd Heating Element Modification

Just finished modifying my Bradley Smoker (OBS) to use a 2nd 500 watt heating element which converts the OBS from a 500 watt smoker to a 1,000 watt smoker.  First let me say that this is NOT in any way sanctioned or authorized by Bradley Smoker, Inc.  You can visit OBS-Element-Modification to see the instructions that I used to modify my OBS.  Please read and understand the disclaimer which among other things states ” …  This article is for my own personal interest only. It is a step by step of how I modified my Bradley. Should you decide to make this modification you acknowledge all risks are solely yours. Again, if you decide to make this modification you do so at your own risk. … “.

WOOOOWZA  Shocked Shocked I be lovin’ that modified OBS.  Today’s ambient temp is nasty by our standards in the Central Valley of California – 54ºF, windy, and showers.  I feel for you guys in the blizzard areas and all our Northern neighbors.  I dare say that I am impressed with the 1,000 watt OBS controlled with an Auber PID.  Up to 250ºF temp in 20 minutes, recovery is fantastic, and no problems staying at ± 1ºF.

With the modified OBS, PID, and now an SRG in the family I’m ready to do some serious damage!!  Grin Grin

Here’s the money $$hot of the modified OBS test with a Spatchcock Chicken using 2 hours of Pecan at 250ºF.  Pulled the yard bird when the IT hit 165ºF in the thickest portion of the breast.  Rest assured that it tasted as good as it looks!!

Spice Cabinet Storage Space Needed

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Oh Oh … I think I need help.  My addiction is growing growing growing!! Grin Grin Received seasonings I ordered from the Sausage Maker who I believe from the picture on the website is none other than the infamous Sausage Guru Rytek Kutas? Now I really need to reorganize my cabinets.  Fortunately SWMBO is on-board with this and will work with me.  Looking forward to making me some Summer Sausage, Kielbasa, Bratwurst, and Breakfast sausages. Yum Yum.

Is anyone else having problems finding room to store all their spices?  Trying to figure out where I’m going to store all the great spices, rubs, and seasonings that I keep accumulating  Grin Undecided

The Big Easy SRG put a big hurting on me a couple of days ago and now sits on the livingroom floor waiting to be assembled.  Saw the FedEx truck from my office window at home and this young girl steps out carrying this huge SRG box.  Well … being the dummy gentleman that I am I decided to meet her half way and insist on taking the box from her even though she was willing and able to deliver it inside.  Now my grinder and stuffer have company  Grin Grin

That good will gesture wrenched my back while I was mauling the box that I shouldn’t have grabbed and am now experiencing excruciating muscle spasms.  Right now eating ibuprofen like candy and wired to a heating pad.  Oh well, I’ll never learn  Embarrassed Undecided Cry I’m not kicking myself for being a gentleman but for having to wait now to assemble my SRG and also making some sausages.  We all know better … BUT make sure you lift with your legs and not your back …

Canadian Bacon

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Just finished smoking a 3 lb Pork Loin Canadian Bacon.  Wrapped tightly in plastic wrap and will sit in the fridge for 2 days as per the Habanero Smoker Canadian Bacon – Dry Cure recipe

This is my first Canadian Bacon and it’s a surprise for my wife who loves Canadian Bacon but is unaware that the pork loin I’ve been curing in the fridge for a week will be Canadian Bacon.  When I pulled it from the OBS she commented that it looked raw!  I pulled it at 145ºF and it smells wonderful.  Cured 6 days in the fridge / soaked 30 min in water and then sat in fridge overnight.  PID set to for 1 hr @ 125ºF / 2 hrs/20min @ 145ºF and smoked for a total of 3 hours with 2 Apple to 1 Pecan and finished at 225ºF until the IT reached 145ºF.

Wowza … That’s one delissshhhhh chunk of pork magically transformed into Canadian Bacon!!  Can’t see ever going back to store bought.  It is NOT salty at all.  The Wife was ecstatic when she got a taste.  Gonna try making an Hawaiian pizza tonight with the Canadian bacon.

The money $$hot.  Thanks Habanero Smoker for the recipe and everyone else who inspired me to make my first one but it won’t be my last one  Grin Grin

Hickory/Apple Smoked 12 lb. Turkey

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Here’s a little 12 lb gobbler I said I would smoke today so that the DW can take the turkey breasts to her sewing club luncheon tomorrow.

Rubbed the bird with Carolina Treet (CT) and Jans Dry Rub (JDR).  Wanted to see what the combo of CT and JDR would do to a turkey.  Preheated to 275ºF and kept it there on my PID cause I figured I would never get back to 250ºF but wanted to get as high as possible.  OBS only got to 240ºF so I put the bird in and the smoking chamber dropped to 177ºF before it started a slow upward swing in an attempt to recover.  [waiting for parts so my Son and I can can modify my OBS for a second element].

Started @ 9:30am with an IT of 40º
10:30am temp @ 195º and IT @ 72º
11:30am temp @ 215º and IT @ 112º
12:30pm temp @ 239º and IT @ 122º … after 3 hours of smoke (2) hickory to (1) apple I pulled the bird from the smoker to transfer to the oven

Placed in 350ºF oven and pulled when breast hit 163ºF / spent 2 hours and 10 minutes in oven

Divided up the gobbler.  Breast for tomorrow’s luncheon and some of the rest for dinner tonight  Grin

The money $$hot  Wink

Not sure if this help or not but I learned a few things today so it’s all good!!  CT and JDR with hickory on turkey are a good choice.  Onwards to the next smoke

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