Ribeye Steaks on the SRG

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Grilling Salmon using a foil boat yesterday certainly didn’t disappoint my taste buds but in essence I learned that it amounted to frying the Salmon.  Next time I’ll do them naked on the SRG grill Shocked Grin

Decided to break in my SRG grill properly today with a couple of Ribeye Steaks I picked up at Fagundes Meats, my local butcher.  Kept it simple by dusting the steaks with a little fagundes Seasoning and left them in the fridge for a few hours.  A little mushrooms and fried cabbage along with some steamed broccoli  Smiley

Here they are after being flipped for their one and only time … Like the nice Grill marks that the SRG provides

The money $$hot … A nice chunk of Ribeye Steak along with some stir fried veggies.  Another nice addition to my growing repertoire of Low-Carb meals  Grin Bon Appétit !!

SRG Grilled Salmon & Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

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Used the SRG as a grill for the first time tonight and decided to do some Salmon and bacon wrapped Asparagus.  Formed a couple foil boats and sprayed them with PAM.  Seasoned 2 of the Salmon with Riley’s Lemon & Pepper and one with John Henry’s Mojave Garlic Pepper Seasoning.  The asparagus was drizzled with some EVOO and dusted with Fagundes Seasoning before being wrapped in some bacon.

Tossed them in a preheated SRG on HIGH and closed the lid

Took 18 minutes for the salmon to easily flake away with a fork and the asparagus was nicely done al dente.  The bacon however was clearly not done but it added some great flavor to the asparagus

The money $$hot … Grilled Salmon, bacon wrapped Aparagus, and a nice little salad.  Total time about 45 minutes and no cleanup!!  Nothing to clean in the SRG and a wonderful low carb dinner Grin

Pecan Smoked/Roasted Chicken Leg Quarters

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Got a bright idea to use my ½ rack Char-Broil SRG Chicken leg holders with Chicken Leg Quarters.  If I may say so myself, it turned out to be a good idea.  Once again I used my SRG basket in the Bradley Smoker (OBS) so that after 2 hours of Pecan smoke at 250ºF I could transfer the Leg Quarters right into the SRG.  Nothing better than zero Carb Chicken

Here are the chicken leg quarters with a little EVOO rub and Jans Dry Rub ready to go into a preheated 250°F OBS.

Here they are in the OBS after 2 hours of Pecan smoke at 250ºF … Ready to go straight into the SRG

After ~ 35 minutes in the SRG, pulled them when the IT reached 180º

All in all, using the ½ rack SRG Chicken leg holders worked out to perfection

The money $$hot … Staying true to the Atkins lifestyle by having some scrumptious Pecan smoked chicken and some mashed cauliflower.  Fortunately, I actually love cauliflower

Oak Smoked Pulled Beef … Almost

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Got me a 4.3lb Chuck Roast from my local butcher, Fagundes Meats.  It was about 1.3″ thick.

Slathered it with Mustard and some Fegundes Seasoning.  OBS preheated to 225º.  3 hours of Jim Beam smoke.  In at 6:45AM.  The Ambient temperature was 38º/Foggy/damp.  IT at 54º.

9 hours later IT sitting at 163º and not climbing!  Planning to have my Son’s Family over for Pulled Beef Sammies but alas no such luck.  I probably screwed up big time but I pulled the Chuck Roast and am now 2 hours into FTC.  Here’s what it looked like prior to FTC.

The Chuck Roast is done big time cause it sat there at 163º for hours but I doubt that it will turn out to be pulled beef once the FTC is done in another hour!

What did I do wrong?  Should I have left it in the OBS till it hit 190º – 200º?  I normally have patience but this time I’m not so sure waiting would have helped Huh Should have just been patient cause it did turn out be be really good sliced roast beef,  just not Pulled Beef … Embarrassed There’s always next time …

Pecan Smoked Turkey Breast

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Invited my Son’s family over for a quick and dirty Smoked Pecan Turkey Breast dinner with all the trimmings.  Took a 7.18 lb bone-in turkey breast and used some EVOO with Fagundes Seasoning.  Set PID to 250ºF and used 7 Pecan bisquettes.  1st use of my new Big Green Egg Vertical Turkey Roaster.  Mounted the breast on the Roaster and placed it in my SRG basket so I can transfer it directly to the SRG to finish off the breast after the Pecan smoke.

Here is the magnificent breast after 2 1/3 hours of Pecan smoke in the OBS and finished off in the SRG.  I do believe that I will always finish off my poultry in the SRG from now on since they turns out so wonderful …

This will have to serve as the money $$hot cause everyone, including 3 of my Grandchildren, jumped on this like a pack a ravenous hyenas  Grin Grin Ya gotta love smoked meats!! …  Wonder what I can smoke next for them? Grin Had some taters, turkey Stove Top Stuffing (5 minutes, you can’t beat it for simplicity), gravy, and corn to go along with the bird.

You can see how moist the turkey breast turned out by looking at the juice running off on the cutting board.

Here’s my Son auditioning to become a hand model 8->

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