Smoked Spatchcock Turkey

Smoked Spatchcock Turkey – Every year before Thanksgiving I take advantage of my local grocery store when they put their turkeys on sale which are actually “Loss Leaders”. In case you’re not familiar with a loss leader it’s a pricing … Read More

Apple Mash Smoked Turkey

Apple Mash Smoked TurkeyApple Mash Smoked Turkey – Enjoyed a wonderful delicious Thanksgiving dinner consisting of turkey, ham, with all the trimmings yesterday with our youngest Son’s family and our Daughter-in-law’s family. It’s an annual tradition that works out for … Read More

Practice Smoked Turkey

Practice Smoked TurkeyPractice Smoked Turkey14 lb Practice Smoked Turkey – No matter how many times you smoke/cook a turkey it’s always helpful to practice and verify your plans before that big Thanksgiving meal with family and friends. Not only did … Read More

Instant Pot Smoked Turkey Vegetable Soup

Instant Pot Smoked Turkey Vegetable SoupInstant Pot Smoked Turkey Vegetable SoupInstant Pot Smoked Turkey Vegetable Soup – Waste not … want not! Learned a long time ago that a Turkey provides a multitude of appetizing leftover options. When I smoke … Read More

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