Smoke on Wheels Marinaded Pollo Fresco

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Picked up a few Pollo Fresco to test Smoke on Wheels BBQ Marinade and my new Marinade Express.  I could have said ‘Chicken Thighs’ but ‘Pollo Fresco” just sounds so much more exotic!   Poured in the marinade, Chicken Thighs, connected vacuum hose and put the Pollo Fresco under vacuum.

Tumbled the chicken for 20 minutes.  Don’t tell anyone but I actually read the directions

Removed marinaded Pollo Fresco and refrigerated them for two hours.  After using the Marinade Express I could have just taken them straight to the grill.  I’m very impressed with how easy this tool was to use.

Preheated the MAK 2 Star General Wood Pellet BBQ Smoker-Grill to 320ºF with Apple wood BBQ pellets and slapped the Chicken Thighs on until the Internal Temperature reached 180ºF.

Starting to look good and the aroma is wonderful!

Took an hour and 10 minutes at 320º to reach an Internal Temperature of 180º.  This pile of Pollo Fresco only cost $6.30.  You just can’t beat that these days!!  We’ll be able to graze for a few meals/snacks.  Leftovers will for sure be used to make a little Chicken Salad for lunch tomorrow.

The Money $Shot$ … Marinaded Pollo Fresco with a light salad …

My wife really enjoyed the results I achieved with the ‘Smoke on Wheels BBQ Marinade’.  I have been anxious to test out this marinade after learning that some of it’s Accolades include 10x Grand Champion and winner of over 100 awards in the Chicken category.  Besides, what better way to break in my Marinade Express.  The combination of these two products was amazing.  The depth of marinade and the exquisite flavors down to the bone tantalized my taste buds.  Can’t wait to marinade something else!!

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