Perfect Mix Spatchcocked Cornish Hens

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Perfect Mix Spatchcocked Cornish Hens
Perfect Mix Spatchcocked Cornish Hens

Perfect Mix Spatchcocked Cornish Hens

I have spatchcocked (buttterfly) chickens often over the years. I then decided that if I can enhance the cooking process and infuse smoke profiles into the chickens then I could also apply the technique to turkeys. I have since spatchcocked many turkeys some of which were up to 14 pounds with scrumptious success. I found that the chickens and turkeys cook more evenly when spatchcocked.

So why not spatchcock Cornish Hens? Indeed, why not! Ever since I started smoking poultry I have used different hard wood pellets for my cooks ... Hickory, Cherry, Maple, and Apple. Each provided the poultry with wonderful results. I have since discovered Premium Perfect Mix which does not use any fillers (Oak or Alder) but rather a mix of 100% hard wood Hickory, Cherry, Hard Maple, and Apple. This combination of wood pellets provided awesome flavor and a smooth finish. When biting into your first piece of meat you will never experience the harsh smoke profiles often associated with other forms of fuel.

I recommend using Premium Perfect Mix 100% Hardword pellets for poultry, pork, beef, fish, lamb, and game. You, your guests, and family will really cherish the delicious mouth watering results of your cooks. You will also drive them and your neighbors crazy with the aroma of the light blue smoke emitted during the smoking/cooking process. Don't be surprised if some of your neighbors offer to provide the meat if you'll smoke it!

Spatchcocked Cornish Hens
Perfect Mix Smoked Hens
Rested Cornish Hens
Smoked Cornish Hens with sides
Vacuum Sealed Cornish Hens
Prepping for the Wood Pellet Smoker-Grill
  • (2) Tyson All Natural Premium Cornish Hens (1½ lbs each)
  • Spatchcock the Cornish Hens
    • Remove the backbone and flatten the breast plate
  • Carefully pull back the skin from the breast and legs/thighs
  • Wrap seasoned Cornish Hens tightly in plastic wrap
    • Refrigerate for 4 hours
Seasoned Spatchcocked Hens
Cookin pellets Perfect Mix
Hens seasoned under skin
On the Wood Pellet Smoker-Grill
  • Preheat the grill to Smoke (170°-180° F)
    • Use Premium Perfect Mix 100% Hardwood pellets
  • Smoke the spatchcocked Cornish Hens for 1 hour
  • After an hour of smoke - Bump pit temperature to 375°F
  • Roast Cornish Hens until the internal temperature reaches 180ºF
  • Rest the Cornish Hens for 10 minutes loosely under a foil tent before serving

For planning purposes only:
Total time of cook was ~ 2½ hours ... Always cook to internal temperatures!

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