Christmas Pork Butt

Christmas Pork ButtSeasoned Pork ButtChristmas Pork Butt – Why a Pulled Pork Butt on Christmas? Why not! Ever get tired of the same thing every Christmas? Well then next year try Hickory smoking a nice little 8 pounder for your … Read More

Hickory Smoked Mini Meatloaves

Hickory Smoked Mini MeatloavesHickory Smoked Mini Meatloaves – Ever since my first meatloaf in a wood pellet smoker-grill I’ve smoked too many of them to count. I’ve done two pounders, 1 pounders, and now I’ve added mini meatloaves to that … Read More

Pulled Smoked St Louis Ribs

Pulled Smoked St Louis RibsPulled Smoked St Louis Ribs – These smoked St Louis ribs were “fall off the bone” and not “bite off the bone”. Therefore, in order to make it easier to eat, I decided to pull the … Read More

Maple Smoked Pork Butt Roast

Maple Smoked Pork Butt RoastMaple Smoked Pork Butt RoastMaple Smoked Pork Butt Roast – Try using Premium 100% Sweet Maple wood pellets when smoking your next Pork Butt Roast. Yes, you can take a Pork Butt to 205ºF, Foil … Read More

Apple Mash Smoked St Louis Spareribs

Apple Mash Smoked St Louis SpareribsApple Mash Smoked St Louis SpareribsI prefer my ribs naked but SWMBO likes hers sauced. So in order to compromise, I smoked three racks of St Louis style Spareribs using CookinPellets Apple Mash Pellets and … Read More

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