Smoked Turkey Zucchini Enchiladas

Smoked Turkey Zucchini Enchiladas

Smoked Turkey Zucchini Enchiladas

This time of year it's a daily challenge to find different low-carb ways of using the ample amounts of Zucchini Squash I'm harvesting from my garden. I decided on a Mexican enchilada recipe in order to use the large zucchini squash that often wind up hiding in my squash patch. So in order to keep this low-carb I replaced the traditional corn or flour tortillas with thin ¼ inch slices of zucchini. But what to stuff the enchiladas with? Looking through my freezer I came across a Hickory Smoked Turkey Breast from a previous cook. BINGO ... perfect - just what I needed!

This recipe was easy and quick to prep. The one change I would make is slicing the zucchini thinner than the ¼ inch slices that I used because the ¼ inch slices were a little stiff and difficult to roll up. I needed to cook the enchiladas a little longer at a higher temperature to ensure that the zucchini was cooked properly. Other than that I was extremely pleased with the results and I will definitely cook this recipe again using leftover turkey, chicken, or pulled pork.

Smoked Turkey Stuffing
Zucchini Rolled Enchiladas
Prepped Zucchini Enchiladas

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, 1 large chopped red onion, 2 tsp mince garlic, 1 tsp ground cumin, 1 tsp chili powder, 4 cups shredded smoked turkey, 1½ cups red enchilada sauce, 3-4 large zucchini squash, 1½ cups grated Monterey Jack, 1½ cups grated sharp Cheddar, and sour cream.


  • Preheat oven of wood pellet smoker-grill to 375ºF
  • Cook onion in a large skillet over medium high heat until soft
  • Add garlic, cumin, and chili powder
  • Add shredded turkey and 1 cup of red enchilada sauce
  • Peel thin slices of zucchini using a vegetable peeler
  • Lay out 2-3 zucchini slices, slightly overlapping
  • Place ample amount of turkey stuffing on zucchini slices
  • Roll up the zucchini enchilada and transfer to a baking dish
  • Repeat the procedure until the baking dish is full
  • Pour remaining sauce over zucchini enchiladas
  • Cover enchiladas with Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheeses
  • Bake covered for 45 minutes
  • Uncover and bake an additional 15 minutes
  • Garnish with sour cream
Baked Zucchini Turkey Enchiladas

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