Smoked Turkey Breast … Bradley Smoker & Char-broil SRG combo

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Wanted to baptize my SRG and what better way than doing a 9 lb bone-in turkey breast.  The Bradley / SRG combo turned out to be a killer for the breast!!  It turned out so moist and the flavor was to die for.  I don’t think I’ve ever had such tender turkey.  SWMBO started grazing on the breast and barely had any room left for the rest of the trimmings.

I have read where people smoke a turkey and/or a chicken and then finish them off in the SRG, MAK, Traeger, etc. but have not seen any photos of someone using the SRG basket in the OBS and then transferring said basket directly into the SRG.  So I figured … why not!?

Here’s a shot of the 9 lb turkey breast fitted into the SRG basket ready for the OBS.  Used some Roasted Garlic EVOO and Jans Dry Rub.  Since it was a little brisk by California standards (55ºF) I decided that the Chef needed a little rub for the old innards … hence the Jim Beam Black   Note how I used 2 half SRG racks to keep the breast upright.  I also used my new Maverick ET-732 cause I figured that it should be able to withstand the higher temps of the SRG.

Here is the SRG basket with the turkey breast sitting on the bottom rack in the OBS.  I doubled the racks and used 2 frog mats to help balance the basket.  Note that there’s actually plenty of room for the SRG basket in the OBS.  Set my PID to 250º and applied 3 hours of Special Blend smoke.

Here’s the breast after 3 hours of special blend smoke ready for the SRG.  No fuss no muss since it’s already in the basket.  After 3 hours of smoke at 250º the breast IT was 135ºF.

With the breast roasting away, here’s a shot of my setup under my covered patio.  I was able to just set my ET-732 right on the table and monitor the temp.  The ET-732 worked great in the SRG.

Here’s the finished product.  It only took me an hour in the SRG to get from an IT of 135º to 165º.  Total time was 4 hours for the 9 lb bone-in turkey breast.  The last time I smoked a bone-in breast just in the OBS it took me 5 hours.  Maybe it’s just me but this is the best tasting turkey breast I have produced to date … Got so wrapped up that I forgot to take a $$hot.  Oh well … we had mashed taters, gravy, stuffing, and green beans.  Who says you can only have turkey on holidays and special occasions.  Everyday is special when you’re retired.

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