Pecan Smoked Turkey Breast

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Invited my Son’s family over for a quick and dirty Smoked Pecan Turkey Breast dinner with all the trimmings.  Took a 7.18 lb bone-in turkey breast and used some EVOO with Fagundes Seasoning.  Set PID to 250ºF and used 7 Pecan bisquettes.  1st use of my new Big Green Egg Vertical Turkey Roaster.  Mounted the breast on the Roaster and placed it in my SRG basket so I can transfer it directly to the SRG to finish off the breast after the Pecan smoke.

Here is the magnificent breast after 2 1/3 hours of Pecan smoke in the OBS and finished off in the SRG.  I do believe that I will always finish off my poultry in the SRG from now on since they turns out so wonderful …

This will have to serve as the money $$hot cause everyone, including 3 of my Grandchildren, jumped on this like a pack a ravenous hyenas  Grin Grin Ya gotta love smoked meats!! …  Wonder what I can smoke next for them? Grin Had some taters, turkey Stove Top Stuffing (5 minutes, you can’t beat it for simplicity), gravy, and corn to go along with the bird.

You can see how moist the turkey breast turned out by looking at the juice running off on the cutting board.

Here’s my Son auditioning to become a hand model 8->

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