Apple Smoked Spatchcock Chicken

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Is it Saturday yet?  Is it Saturday yet  Huh Close enough  Grin …  As I type I am smoking 2 spatchcock chickens – 1 w/skin Up and 1 w/skin Down.
Here they were after I rubbed them with Roasted Garlic EVOO and some Fagundes seasoning from my local butcher.

The verdict is in … It’s “INCONCLUSIVE” … I now believe it boils down to personal preference.  Although when doing more than one spatchcock chicken I think I will be placing the skin side UP so that drippings from anything above it will not collect in the cavity.

Here are the spatchcock chickens after 4.5 hours with 3 hours of 2 to 1 Apple/Special Blend smoke.  PID @ 250º with vent wide open

You can see that both chickens are equally done and I could not find any difference in flavor or moisture.  For me it boils down to presentation and I would not hesitate to sever either chicken

And now for the $$$hot  Grin Grin

Thanks to all those that participated in the poll.  Course, like any other poll, this one has a + or – error margin of 50%  Undecided Tongue

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