Mies Oven Baked Chicken Legs

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After reading all the excitement being generated by Mies All Purpose Breading I purchased some Mies and chose Chicken Legs (my Grandchildren’s favorite) for my first recipe.  Decided to bake them in the oven rather than grilling cause I figured it would be easier.

Put 1½ cups of Mies in a ZipLock bag, rinsed legs in warm water, placed legs in ZipLock (5 at a time), and shaked/tossed about till legs were fully coated.  Placed legs on a cookie rack (sprayed rack with PAM) which sits on a cookie sheet.  Let chicken rest for 2-4 minutes.  SWMBO said it was like the old days when we used to use “Shake and Bake” and aw helped …

Googled oven baked chicken legs to see what temperature and for how long.  Got me dozens of opinions – 375º/45 min, 350º/1-1¼ hrs, 450º/50 min, etc.  Decided to preheat oven to 380º and bake legs for 40 minutes.  Took legs out, flipped each leg, rotated top to bottom with cookie sheets and baked for another 40 minutes.  SWMBO will not tolerate any pink in her chicken.

Here are the chicken legs after 80 minutes in a 380º oven and smelling good!!  Tongue Tongue Turns out they were cooked to perfection and everyone’s satisfaction.

The $$shot … Broke out the Wok and did a quick and dirty fried rice to serve with the Chicken Legs.

For years now I have not been eating the chicken skin for various reasons but I’m here to tell you that the skin was so deliciously crisp and it seemed like I couldn’t get enough of it.  Now I remember why I used to like the skin so much.  All in all, it turned out great, tasted delicious, and got rants and raves throughout.  Onward to other challenges and cuts of meat.

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