Lucille’s Bloody Mary Mix Baked Chicken Thighs

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Lucille's Bloody Mary Mix

I do enjoy a nice Bloody Mary now and then but don’t like having to buy those large premixed bottles which tend to be tossed out before fully used   :(  …  Found a solution:  Been making the best Bloody Marys using a dry spice blend that mixes an authentic 1940s style Bloody Mary.  Now I can create just the amount of mix I need   :)

I decided to take Lucille’s Bloody Mary Mix up on her claim to be equally at home in the bar, kitchen and on the BBQ.  Why not enjoy the best of both worlds … A Bloody Mary cocktail while roasting some chicken thighs seasoned under and on the skin with the same dry spice blend.

Lucille's San Francisco MildUsing my time tested method of rubbing Roasted Garlic EVOO under/on the skin and seasoning under/on the skin with my favorite rub/seasoning of the day.  Replaced my favorite seasoning with Lucille’s Bloody Mary Mix San Francisco Mild dry spice blend.  Wrapped the seasoned chicken thighs in plastic and in the fridge for 5 hours.

Feeling a little lazy today so I’m just going to roast the chicken thighs in the oven at 350ºF for about an hour until the IT reaches 180ºF.  Gonna serve the thighs with some steamed sweet potatoes and asparagus.

Lucille's Bloody Mary Mix     chicken thigh

WOW!! Lordy Lordy was that flavor profile ever scrumptious!!  It was all it was advertised and then some … I haven’t eaten chicken skin for years but I gave it a try and I couldn’t put the skin down.  It was that good.  Can’t wait to try Lucille’s New Orleans Nippy and Cajun Hot Bloody Mary dry spice blend for Bloody Mary cocktails and on Pork and Fish.  I know it works on Chicken  ;)

chicken thighs and sweet potatoes

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