Chicken Leg and Wing Rack

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Chicken Leg & Wing Holder

Does it get any better than Chicken Drumsticks/Legs?  Not according to my precious Granddaughters!!  Since forever, Chicken legs have been their favorite go to dinner when asked what they would prefer to eat.  I was therefore extremely pleased when I discovered Leg and Wing Racks at Lowe's.  It was at the end of the Summer and their racks were priced to sell : ~$5 each.  I see that they now run anywhere from $10 - $30 but I can vouch that they will give you excellent results.  If you search the net you'll find a ton of hits for 'Leg and Wing Rack' and all design will do the trick.

Chicken Leg & Wing Rack

The Stainless Steel Leg and Wing Rack is the ideal grilling accessory.  Holds 12 chicken legs or wings.  Food is vertically suspended inside the grill or oven.  The Chicken never needs turning.  Uses small amount of grilling space.  Fat from the chicken legs drips away while cooking for a healthier meal.

Chicken Roasted Legs

The Leg and Wing Rack worked to perfection in my MAK 2 Star General Wood Pellet BBQ Smoker-Grill.  These Chicken Thighs were roasted at 375ºF using Apple pellets.  Took about an hour and a half to reach an Internal Temperature of 180ºF.  Always cook to internal temperatures and use times for planning purposes.

Roased Chicken Drumsticks

Rest the roasted chicken thighs under a foil tent for 15-20 minutes before serving.  At 375ºF and above your chicken skin will be crisp and delicious but alas, even though I love it, I gave up eating the skin years ago ... let me know how the skin came out and how delicious it was!

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