Cherry Smoked Cornish Game Hens

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As I continue my learning curve I decided to smoke a couple of Rock Cornish Game Hens.  A little $pricey$ @ $3.34 a lb considering what you can get chickens for but what the heck, I’ve always wanted to smoke a couple of these and after all, need to add to my repertoire  Smiley

Here are the little guys ready for processing

Did some research on line and chose to remove the backbone for easier smoking

Rubbed each one with some Roasted Garlic EVOO and some Poultry Seasoning.  Ready to go in

Preheated to 250ºF and using 2 hours of Cherry.  Put em in 45 minutes ago.  The ambient temp was 70ºF with a light breeze.  The IT of the hens when inserted was 57ºF.  Going to pull them at 170ºF and FTC them for 30 minutes.

Finished and devoured the Cornish Hens  Grin
Pulled them when the IT hit 170º and FTC for 20 minutes.  Took 4 hours and 20 minutes to reach IT of 170º.  Controlled the OBS with my Auber PID at a temp of 250º.  Don’t know how or why I ever smoked without my PID!!!

Here they are before FTC.  The skin was actually eatable

The money shot …  A little rice and salad …  Enjoy

Lessons learned:

First time I used Cherry bisquettes.  Found them to be rather mild.  Maybe cause there was only 2 hours of smoke.  Either longer smoke or different bisquettes.  Guess I’m becoming a smoke eater  Grin
At least now I can better plan dinner knowing that I need about 5 hours

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