$4 Smoked 14lb Spatchcock Turkey

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Yup, you gotta love it when you check out the frozen section in your local grocery store and you find a “Special Today” sale … Found this 14.4 lb Turkey for $4.18 … Couldn’t pass it up so I bought 2 of them.  For $4.18 you can’t buy a quarter pounder meal let alone a whole bird!!!!  This time of year these birds normally go for $1.99/lb.  Don’t care why they marked them at 29¢ – Their loss, my gain.

Removed the backbone and only split the breast bone.  I prefer to leave the breast bone in cause I would butcher it if I tried to remove it and I find it smokes/cooks just as well.

Rubbed under/on the skin with Annie’s Roasted Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil for glue and some Jans Dry Rub.  Refrigerated for 3 hours before smoking/cooking.

Preheated the MAK 2 Star Wood Pellet Smoker-Grill to the SMOKE Setpoint (180ºF) using Hickory wood BBQ pellets.

Hickory smoked with the skin side down for 2 hours.

Bumped the temp to 325ºF until the Internal Temperature (IT) reached 170ºF at the thickest part of the breast.  Rested under a foil tent for 20 minutes before serving.  Best $4 I’ve spent in a long time …  Served with Pelletheads Potato Casserole, Corn on the Cob, Turkey Dressing, and Poultry Gravy.

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