1st SRG Roasted Chicken and Spuds

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Is a Yard Bird roasted in the SRG as good as everyone says it is?  Why YES it is … and then some

Rubbed some Roasted Garlic EVOO and some of my local butcher’s seasoning, Fagundes Meats, inside the chicken cavity, on the skin, and on the meat under the skin.  When using the SRG you need to use rubs/seasonings/marinades/brines that are low in sugar.

Using my new Green Egg Vertical Chicken Roaster sitting inside a circular non-stick pan to catch the grease/drippings and to facilitate cleanup.  Rubbed the potatoes with EVOO and the same seasoning I used on the chicken.  Rubbing the potatoes with just some Kosher salt works really good too.  Using the ET-732 meat and temp probes.  SRG on high, ambient temp @ 53ºF, and chicken IT was 43ºF.  Used some ½ rack Char-Broil accessories for the taters.

After seeing photos of all that snow everywhere I decided to show what the Central Valley of California looked like today.  All in all, not too bad a day  Roll Eyes Wink

Chicken and taters being lowered into the SRG.  Notice the Maverick ET-732 temp/food probes to be used to monitor the IT and chamber temp.

I always smoke and roast to Internal Temperatures and not time.  Depending on what you are using a large factor concerning the chamber temperatures is the ambient temperature and conditions.  Wind is your worst enemy.  Time is used as an estimate for planning purposes but always be flexible.  Don’t take shortcuts … It’s not worth it and it’ll come back to bite you.

Took 2 hours to reach an IT of 165ºF and the spuds were done to perfection.  Boy did that bird smell good!!

I am finding that an IT of 165ºF works better for me then the 160ºF that is commonly recommended.  The white meat is perfect at 160 but I have found over time that the legs/thighs don’t always reach the recommended 180ºF IT.  So now I prefer to smoke/roast/grill chicken/turkey to 165.

Here’s a shot of all the grease/drippings that I collected.  The SRG did not require any cleaning.  Need to research to see if all that fat dripping into the chamber does anything special for the bird during roasting?  Course, if you choose, the drippings make for an excellent gravy!!

The chicken came out extremely moist.  Applying seasoning/rub under the skin is a must in my book.  Turned out great and the skin was to die for.  I don’t eat much skin anymore these days but it was so good that I couldn’t help myself.

The money $$hot … A little steamed broccoli along with the SRG roasted spud for side dishes.  Even though I shouldn’t, I had to eat some of that crispy skin and man-o-man was it ever good.  I know it’s been said many times over but this is by far some of the best if not the best chicken I have tasted.  The SRG is worth the investment  Grin Grin

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