1st Breakfast Sausage Attempt … Lessons Learned

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Well, I learned I’m not the little sausage maker … YET Grin Cry Been putting it off for so long.  Just like anything else, you fear the unknown!  So I finally got the Grinder and Stuffer out of their boxes.

Decided to make my sausage debut with some Sausage Maker Breakfast Sausage Seasoning and 12 lbs of Pork Butt.  Here is my setup – ready for action.

Trimmed the Pork Butt into strips, popped them into the freezer for a while and had no problems grinding things up.

The infamous taste test.  Found the sausage to be very lean compared to store bought sausage like Jimmy Dean.  There was no fat to be found in the pan.  I actually had to add a touch of EVOO to prevent the sample from burning.  Is this normal or should I plan on adding more fat?  It was scrumptious flavor wise Grin I’ve read so many people say they would never go back to store bought and now I know why.  Yummmmm … great stuff!!

Made 5 lbs of patties

Reserved the rest for my 1st stuffing endeavor.  Loaded and ready.

I quickly learned that I bought the wrong Sausage Collagen Casings.  I bought 38 mm Smoked Casings.  Stopped when I realized these Breakfast Sausages were going to be bigger than Kielbasas Undecided Got a short feel for the stuffer but stopped before I made too many of these honkers!!  Played with them a little, twisting, tying, etc before I unloaded the casing and stuffer back into the bowl.  Since my local butcher, Fagundes Meats, carries natural casings I’m going to get the casings from him and follow their advice.  I couldn’t even twirl these babies.  It was almost like this casing wasn’t suppose to do that.

Made patties out of this batch also and vacuumed sealed them for storage.

Retreated into the shadows licking my wounds and beginning to plan for my next batch.  Going to make sure that I have the proper casings cause now that the ice has been broken … the sky’s the limit Grin Grin Summer Sausage, Kielbasas, Brats, etc.

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