Where is Smoker Pete?



Where oh where is Smoker Pete you ask? I'm home and wearing out my wood pellet smoker-grills to tantalize my neighbors. Good thing pellet smoker-grills are so safe and easy to use cause if I were to, heaven forbid, start a fire there's just not any water in California to put it out!

So why am I not posting any new smokes and cooks? Who is benefiting from all the cooks? The answer is simple ... you my dear loyal and faithful Blog followers are going to benefit. Why you ask? Cause I'm in the process of writing a wood pellet smoker and grill cookbook which will be out and available in early 2016 - just in time for the BBQ season. Yes, you read right. Your humble pitmaster will be sharing up to 50 new and upgraded recipes for you to use on your pellet smoker-grill and/or any other barbecue pit that you prefer to use. Like my ole Pappy used to say "It's all good but some's just better than others!"

You pelletheads out there know what I'm talking about.

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