Ultimate Infrared Baked Potatoes

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Infrared Baked Potatoes
SRG Infrared Baked Potatoes

Ultimate SRG Infrared Baked Potatoes

If you're like me you love baked potatoes as a side with virtually any type of meat, poultry, or by itself loaded to the gills. The question is which cooking method is best? Oven, microwave, wood pellet smoker-grill, or charcoal/propane grill? Yes there are a multitude of ways to bake a potato but I prefer another method which is foolproof. This ultimate infrared baked potato is my method of choice.

Idaho baked potatoes
Scrubbed and dried Idaho Potatoes
Idaho baked potatoes
SRG with lid open

Pickup some evenly sized Idaho or Russet baking potatoes and clean the potatoes using a vegetable scrub brush. Allow the potatoes to dry prior to continuing. Fully rub each potato with roasted garlic extra virgin olive oil. Season all sides of the baking potatoes with salt and pepper but for an increased flavor profile I recommend using Fagundes Seasoning.

Set your Char-Broil Smoker, Roaster, Grill (SRG) to HIGH and keep the lid OPEN. Place the rubbed and seasoned potatoes on racks and bake using infrared for approximately 1 ½ hours until the Internal Temperature of the potatoes reach 210ºF. If the rest of the meal is not ready wrap the potatoes in foil and they will stay hot for quite a while.

The SRG infrared baked potatoes have crisp skin and you'll find that you won't need to season the potato as the Fagundes Seasoning, salt and pepper, or your seasoning of choice permeates the skin. I wish I could take credit for the ultimate infrared baked potatoes recipe but I duplicated this recipe years ago after reading it on one of the cooking forums that I frequent. The SRG is great for so many other things beside baking potatoes - It's fantastic for turkeys, chickens, beef, pork, casseroles, etc. It's a very useful and versatile grill to have in your stable.

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