Trimmed New York Strip Roast

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Trimmed New York Strip Roast

Trimmed New York Strip Roast

Buying yourself a New York Strip, USDA Choice Beef Top Loin, from Costco and trimming it to your needs is always a great idea. Not only will you have great steaks and a couple of wonderful roasts but you'll also save yourself a good sum of money!

Trimmed off a good chunk of the fat cap and cut the New York Strip Roast into two 2½ pound roasts and ten 1¼ inch thick steaks. You should always keep an appropriate amount of the fat cap around each steak and roast. During these trying times, it never hurts to be frugal while providing custom cuts of meat for your family.

Buying in bulk is also smart concerning whole Pork Loins. At Costco and/or Cash & Carry you can find 10 pound Pork Loins which will provide you with many custom cuts. Ever see the price of center cut Pork Chops? Your local supermarket meat departments or butcher shops get their center cut chops from the loin. They then use and repackage the ends of the loin as Blade and Sirloin End Pork Roasts.

Bottom line, don't be afraid to buy meat in bulk. Not only will you save a lot of $$ but you'll have custom cuts of meat for yourself and your family. You must have a vacuum sealer to preserve/freeze the meat properly. That last thing you want is the meat ruined due to freezer burn. Properly vacuum sealed meat can easily last 6 months in the freezer.

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