Super Wings for Super Bowl Eve

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Wanted to do some Chicken Drumsticks for my Grandkids’ visit but ran into a small problem … Don’t use Chicken Drumsticks that are 2 days past their use by date or freeze date!!  You won’t like the stench.  Don’t ask me how I know.  Anyway, I tossed them and visited my local grocery store.  While there I found a great deal on some Chicken Drumsticks.  They worked out to be 65¢ a lb.  Couldn’t turn that down.

But then I remembered that I wanted to try some Turkey Wings since Chicken wings are so expensive.  Found the last wings the store had.  They were $1.69/lb.  Cheaper than Chicken wings around here!!!!

Look at the size of that Turkey Wing compared to the Chicken Drumstick.  Maybe it was an Albatross Wing

Used some EVOO under and on the skin sprinkled with some Fagundes Seasoning.  The 2 Turkey wings took up a whole rack in the SRG basket.  You’re not going to Roast too many of these beauties at one.

Here is the SRG basket loaded with the Turkey Wings and Chicken Drumsticks hung on drumstick ½ racks

Set the SRG on HIGH with the lid OPEN.  Didn’t want to spend too much time checking things so I left them in the SRG for 2 hours.  Checked them with an Instant Meat Thermometer and the Turkey Wings and the Chicken Drumsticks were properly done.

Here is a shot of the ‘Super Wings’ !!

The money $$hot …  SRG Turkey Wings and Chicken Drumsticks were delicious.   Did my heart good to watch 3 Grandkids Wolf down those Drumsticks.  I can see me doing some of those ‘Super Wings’ again …

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