SRG Chicken Drumstick Test

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Decided to try me some drumsticks in the Char-Broil SRG so I figured why not incorporate a small test that so many others have done.  6 of the drumsticks were rubbed with some Roasted Garlic EVOO and Fagundes Seasoning under and on the skin.  The other 6 were rinsed and coated with Mies All Purpose One-Step Breading.  Here you can see the difference in appearance.  Give ya 3 guesses as to which was which

Using some drumstick ½ racks for the 1st time.  Here they are about 40 minutes later.  You can see how they’re browning differently.

The finish product. Left them in 1½ hours on High with the Lid Open.  Both types look scrumptious!!  Very moist and the skin was nice and crisp and quite good.

The money $$hot.  2 EVOO/seasoned drummies surrounding a Mies drummy and a nice salad.

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