Spice Cabinet Storage Space Needed

Oh Oh … I think I need help.  My addiction is growing growing growing!! Grin Grin Received seasonings I ordered from the Sausage Maker who I believe from the picture on the website is none other than the infamous Sausage Guru Rytek Kutas? Now I really need to reorganize my cabinets.  Fortunately SWMBO is on-board with this and will work with me.  Looking forward to making me some Summer Sausage, Kielbasa, Bratwurst, and Breakfast sausages. Yum Yum.

Is anyone else having problems finding room to store all their spices?  Trying to figure out where I’m going to store all the great spices, rubs, and seasonings that I keep accumulating  Grin Undecided

The Big Easy SRG put a big hurting on me a couple of days ago and now sits on the livingroom floor waiting to be assembled.  Saw the FedEx truck from my office window at home and this young girl steps out carrying this huge SRG box.  Well … being the dummy gentleman that I am I decided to meet her half way and insist on taking the box from her even though she was willing and able to deliver it inside.  Now my grinder and stuffer have company  Grin Grin

That good will gesture wrenched my back while I was mauling the box that I shouldn’t have grabbed and am now experiencing excruciating muscle spasms.  Right now eating ibuprofen like candy and wired to a heating pad.  Oh well, I’ll never learn  Embarrassed Undecided Cry I’m not kicking myself for being a gentleman but for having to wait now to assemble my SRG and also making some sausages.  We all know better … BUT make sure you lift with your legs and not your back …

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