Smoked Turkey Drumsticks à la OBS/SRG

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Found me some Turkey Drumsticks while visiting WallyMart yesterday and decided to give McCormick Grill Mates Montreal Chicken seasoning a try along with the ever great Jans Dry Rub (JDR).  Stoked up the Original Bradley Smoker (OBS) to 250º with the vent wide open and decided to apply 3 hours of 1 Apple for every 2 Special Blend bisquettes.  Rubbed Roasted Garlic EVOO under and on the skin and applied JDR to 3 drummies and Montreal chicken to the remaining 2.  Made sure that the rubs were applied under and on the skin.

Used the SRG basket and drumstick hangers.  Figured that if I could hang Chicken Drumsticks then I could use it for Turkey Drumsticks.  Worked out great and I transferred the drumsticks directly into the SRG once they were smoked in the OBS.  Here is what they looked like after 3 hours of smoke in the OBS.  The IT read at 189º and at first I thought they were done.  Must have been the probe location.  They sure look done!!

I figured I didn’t need to pop them in the SRG to finish them off.  Boy was I wrong.   Checked them in different places with an instant read Thermometer and they only read at 160º!!!  Looks can be deceiving.  Popped them in the SRG on HIGH with the lid OPEN for 45 minutes and they still weren’t at the desired 180º+ range so back in the SRG for another 35 minutes.  See for yourself, done to perfection …

The money $$hot … The Turkey Drumstick was so good I chose to just compliment it with a simple salad.  This is one Turkey Drumstick boned.  Makes for easier/cleaner eating.  You can never go wrong with Jans Dry Rub and I wasn’t disappointed in the results.  The McCormick Grill Mates Montreal Chicken seasoning also did not disappoint.  I have had it on some grilled chicken breast before at an event and was impressed with it’s results.  It’s a good poultry seasoning in a pinch …

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