Smoked Tri-Tip … 140º vs 150ºF

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First let me say that taking a Tri-Tip to an IT of 150º followed by a 45 minute FTC might be sacrilegious to many but SWMBO had a small issue when I pulled my last Tri-Tip with an IT of 140º followed by a 45 minute FTC.  I personally thought it was just right.  I know that there are many out there that pull it at 130º – Not that there’s anything wrong with that  Cheesy

Used the same procedures: Rub w/ EVOO and 50/50 Johnny’s Garlic Spread / Montreal Steak Seasoning, and overnight in the fridge.  Then OBS @ 225º, vent open, 7 Jim Beam bisquettes

Here is the tip last month with an IT of 140º and 45 minute FTC

Here is the tip today with an IT of 150º and 45 minute FTC

The $$shot

Personally I like the 140º a little better than the 150º but they were both excellent.  Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to make them happy  Grin The 150º was more to her liking …

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