Smoked Chicken Leg Quarters using Johnny’s Garlic Spread

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I was having smoking withdrawals so I decided to check out my local SaveMart for something to smoke.   Ran across some fresh Foster Farms Chicken Leg Quarters for $4.  Figured it was too good to pass up!

For my impromptu smoke I rubbed some EVOO and Johnny’s Garlic Spread.  Preheated OBS to 250º, vent wide open, and used 2 hours of 2-1 smoke using Special Blend/Apple mix.

3 hours later, I pulled the leg quarters when thigh IT hit 180º and rested in foil for 20 minutes while I fixed the rest of the meal.  OBS never did get back to 250º.  Hovered around 235-240º.  I need to get off my a** and install that second heating element.

Quick and dirty … Made a little Chicken & Garlic Rice-a-Roni and salad.  The $$shot …

I think I’m starting to become a ‘smoke eater’ cause the chicken turned out scrumptious but it was a little mild in the smoke department.  I know some smokers swear by hickory on just about everything but I have yet to use it much on anything.  How does hickory work on chicken?

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