Pecan/Apple Smoke Turkey Breast & Growlers

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Picked up a growler of Amber yesterday from my local brewery (man does not live by Jim Beam alone) and needed something to smoke with it.  Decided  on a turkey breast since that would take longer and give me ample time to put a dent in the growler  Grin

What the hell is a growler? We’re not talking about the USS Growler, a small iceberg, a four-wheeled hansom cab from England, a sexual offender or any of the other slang phrases associated with the word – there are many. We’re talking about that which carries fresh beer from a brewery to your house.  Growlers are filled straight from the tap, sealed with a twist-cap.  Almost all brewpubs sell growlers these days, as do many breweries. And regardless of its true origin the growler is a great way to take home some fresh brew from a local brewery or brewpub.

Here’s the growler and the breast rubbed with a little Roasted Garlic EVOO and some spice

PID set to 250º, vent wide open, 3 hours of smoke (1 to 1 pecan/apple)
Turkey breast was only 6.4 lbs and took 3 hours to reach IT of 162º

Since it only took 3 hours, my bad, wound up with a 3 hour FTC instead of my preferred 1.5 to 2 hours.
Here’s the growler minus a couple of pints and the breast after FTC.

The $$$$ shot … plated with some steamed tatters, green beans, gravy and washed down with a pint of Amber

This is fun!!!  I should pick up another growler  Grin Grin

Here’s a shot of the growlers I collected this summer while visiting British Columbia, Yukon Territory, and Alaska.

Best part is all that great beer I got to taste before getting one filled and then drinking the one I chose Grin

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