Super Wings for Super Bowl Eve

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Wanted to do some Chicken Drumsticks for my Grandkids’ visit but ran into a small problem … Don’t use Chicken Drumsticks that are 2 days past their use by date or freeze date!!  You won’t like the stench.  Don’t ask me how I know.  Anyway, I tossed them and visited my local grocery store.  While there I found a great deal on some Chicken Drumsticks.  They worked out to be 65¢ a lb.  Couldn’t turn that down.

But then I remembered that I wanted to try some Turkey Wings since Chicken wings are so expensive.  Found the last wings the store had.  They were $1.69/lb.  Cheaper than Chicken wings around here!!!!

Look at the size of that Turkey Wing compared to the Chicken Drumstick.  Maybe it was an Albatross Wing

Used some EVOO under and on the skin sprinkled with some Fagundes Seasoning.  The 2 Turkey wings took up a whole rack in the SRG basket.  You’re not going to Roast too many of these beauties at one.

Here is the SRG basket loaded with the Turkey Wings and Chicken Drumsticks hung on drumstick ½ racks

Set the SRG on HIGH with the lid OPEN.  Didn’t want to spend too much time checking things so I left them in the SRG for 2 hours.  Checked them with an Instant Meat Thermometer and the Turkey Wings and the Chicken Drumsticks were properly done.

Here is a shot of the ‘Super Wings’ !!

The money $$hot …  SRG Turkey Wings and Chicken Drumsticks were delicious.   Did my heart good to watch 3 Grandkids Wolf down those Drumsticks.  I can see me doing some of those ‘Super Wings’ again …

Hickory Smoked Top Sirloin Beef Jerky

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Joined the Jerky club today and done did me 9 lbs of Teriyaki Top Sirloin beef jerky Grin Visited my local butcher, Fagundes Meats, and ordered 7 lbs of Top Sirloin marinated with Teriyaki which I picked up yesterday and threw in the fridge overnight.  I really enjoy patronizing my local butcher cause Frank and/or his staff always greets me by name and we have time to chew the fat and bounce ideas around.  Kind of like the old days  Smiley Wink Another thing is I ordered 7 lbs and got 9 lbs Grin Service like that is hard to find these days and these guys are butchers not meat cutters (not that there’s anything wrong with that) like you find in your supermarkets.

So here’s the 9 lbs marinaded and vacuum sealed by my butcher going into the fridge overnight.

The Top Sirloin was sliced with the grain and I spent a little time cutting them down to size.  Used 4 racks with Frog Mats and 4 Bradley Jerky Racks to double my OBS capacity.

With all the great recipes that the Bradley Forum members have shared it was hard choosing who’s method I would pick for my first batch of Jerky.  When all was said and done I selected NePaSmoKer’s method.  I preheated to 140º and slapped the 4 double racks in the OBS for an hour.  Then bumped the PID to 150º and applied 5 pucks of Hickory.  After the 1.6 hours of Hickory smoke I bumped it up to 165º for the next 4 hours.

Here is what the Jerky looked like after the Hickory smoke was applied to it.

As per everyone’s gracious information I rotated the racks top to bottom and front to back every hour.

Here’s the money $$hot.  This is maybe 2/3 of the batch which I picked out and placed the remainder which consisted of 4 racks back into the OBS to cook a while longer.  Pulled the Jerky when they bent before they were overdone and broke or cracked.  In the whole batch I only had on piece which was overdone Smiley Now they’re resting in a brown paper bag overnight in the fridge.  Will vacuum seal them tomorrow.

SRG Top Sirloin Shish Kabobs

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Starting to get the hang of this SRG gizmo Wink Onward to bigger and better things.  Tonight I decided to give my new Char-Broil SRG Kabob Set a try.  The skewers have this cute little cotter pin that goes in the bottom to keep all your goodies on!  Who would have thunk it?  Seasoned the Top Sirloin yesterday with some Fagundes Seasoning and kept it in the fridge overnight.  Placed all the veggies in a ziplock bag and sprinkled them with some Roasted Garlic EVOO and a touch of Fagundes Seasoning.  This is quickly becoming my go to seasoning.  It’s just plain good on everything …

Skewered the meat and veggies in a random assortment and hung them in the basket.  Who ever designed this kabob set did a great job.  All dressed up and ready for the SRG.

I read where I don’t need to preheat the SRG but old habits are hard to break so I preheated my SRG on HIGH for about 10 minutes before slapping these beauties in.  Heat set to HIGH and the lid OPEN.  Here they are roasting away 10 minutes into the cook.

Never did find any posts on kabob cooking times or anything so I took an educated wild guess and picked a cooking time of 20 minutes since all the chunks of Top Sirloin and veggies are different sizes.  Here they are after I pulled the kabobs.  Learned that the curved veggies need to point down and not up cause I found that when they point up they trap juices from the cooking meat  Undecided Smiley

The money $$hot … a couple of Top Sirloin Kabobs with a side of cole slaw to stay on track with my low carb meals.

The meat was a nice medium rare but the red onions and red/yellow/green peppers were short of al dente.  SWMBO said maybe I should try bigger chunks of meat next time which would give more cooking time and get those veggies cooked a bit more.  All in all, these kabobs were fun and easy to make with the kabob set and the meal turned out wonderful.  Can’t wait to do some more beef, chicken, and/or port kabobs.

Ribeye Steaks on the SRG

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Grilling Salmon using a foil boat yesterday certainly didn’t disappoint my taste buds but in essence I learned that it amounted to frying the Salmon.  Next time I’ll do them naked on the SRG grill Shocked Grin

Decided to break in my SRG grill properly today with a couple of Ribeye Steaks I picked up at Fagundes Meats, my local butcher.  Kept it simple by dusting the steaks with a little fagundes Seasoning and left them in the fridge for a few hours.  A little mushrooms and fried cabbage along with some steamed broccoli  Smiley

Here they are after being flipped for their one and only time … Like the nice Grill marks that the SRG provides

The money $$hot … A nice chunk of Ribeye Steak along with some stir fried veggies.  Another nice addition to my growing repertoire of Low-Carb meals  Grin Bon Appétit !!

SRG Grilled Salmon & Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

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Used the SRG as a grill for the first time tonight and decided to do some Salmon and bacon wrapped Asparagus.  Formed a couple foil boats and sprayed them with PAM.  Seasoned 2 of the Salmon with Riley’s Lemon & Pepper and one with John Henry’s Mojave Garlic Pepper Seasoning.  The asparagus was drizzled with some EVOO and dusted with Fagundes Seasoning before being wrapped in some bacon.

Tossed them in a preheated SRG on HIGH and closed the lid

Took 18 minutes for the salmon to easily flake away with a fork and the asparagus was nicely done al dente.  The bacon however was clearly not done but it added some great flavor to the asparagus

The money $$hot … Grilled Salmon, bacon wrapped Aparagus, and a nice little salad.  Total time about 45 minutes and no cleanup!!  Nothing to clean in the SRG and a wonderful low carb dinner Grin

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