Hickory Smoked Pulled Pork Butts

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You can’t go wrong with Pulled Pork!  So when my daughter-in-law said she wanted some of my Hickory Smoked Pulled Pork for her Birthday I couldn’t refuse!

Slathered two 5 lb Boneless Shoulder Pork Butts with a bountiful amount of Carolina Treet for the glue.  Mixed up a fresh batch of Jans Dry Rub and covered every inch of the Butts.

Wrapped the Pork Butts in Plastic Wrap and into the fridge overnight.  You want to give the Carolina Treet Cooking Barbecue Sauce and Jans Dry Rub time to work it’s magic.  A Cooking Barbecue Sauce is applied before cooking and not during or after the cook.

Removed the Pork Butts from the fridge an hour before cooking start time.  One of the Pork Butts was coming apart so I used some Silicone Hot Cooking Bands to bind it together.  Whenever possible, I like to use multiple probes in each Pork Butt to validate their accuracy.  Left Butt @42º and Right Butt @39º.

Filled the MAK 2 Star Wood Pellet BBQ Smoker-Grill hopper with Hickory Gourmet BBQ Pellets and SETPOINT to 230ºF for the overnight smoke/cook.  Into the MAK 2 Star at 3 PM.  Put them fat side down.  There are many view points about fat-side-up or fat-side-down and I’ve done them both ways but prefer fat-side-down.  I find that it creates a nicer bark.

11 pm – 8 hours into the cook and the Left Butt was @165º-167º and the Right Butt @ 163º-165ºF.  Time for bed while the Butts cycle through their stall period where all the magic occurs!!

Pulled the Left Butt at 6:10 am when Internal Temperature hit 199ºF.  The Right Butt was only @194ºF so I left it in a bit more.  Took 15 hours for the Left Butt and 16 hours for the Right Butt.  Note that great looking bark on these Pork Butts.

Wrapped in Foil, then wrapped in Towel, and into the Cooler (FTC) for 3+ hours.  Those Pork Butts were done to perfection and pulled like a dream.  I have some of those claws for the pulling but have always preferred to just do it by hand.  Check out that beautiful bark and smoke ring!!

Pulled Pork sitting in my Digital Crock Pot on the Buffet setting with a shot of Apple Juice to help keep it moist while taking it to my Son’s house for some delicious Sammies  …

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