Baked Umpqua River King Salmon

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umpqua river king salmon
Oven baked Oregon Umpqua River King Salmon
Dungeness Crabs
Dungeness Crabs

I weren't able to land a King (Chinook) or Silver (Coho) Salmon while Camp Hosting at Winchester Bay RV Resort on the Oregon coast last August but doesn't mean we didn't eat an ample amount of salmon as well as plenty Dungeness Crabs!  We found that fellow RVers are very generous and we were the recipients of that generosity.  Many a knock on the door resulted in salmon in our freezer or Green Mountain Grill Davy Crockett pellet wood BBQ Smoker-Grill.  These beautiful King Salmon filets were given to us by one of our neighbors last August and were vacuum sealed with a FoodSaver.  They're as fresh as they were months ago.  One filet was seasoned with Fagundes Seasoning and Old Bay Seasoning while using Kikoman Teriyaki Baste & Glaze with Honey Pineapple on the other Chinook filet.

umpqua river king salmon
Seasoned Umpqua River King Salmon

These Oregon Umpqua River King (Chinook) Salmon filets were baked at 400ºF for approximately 20 minutes to an Internal Temperature of 145ºF or flake easily with a fork if you don't have a digital thermometer.

umpqua river king salmon entrée
Baked Oregon Umpqua River King Salmon Entrée

 The Money $Shot$ ... Oven baked, to perfection, Oregon Umpqua River King (Chinook) Salmon filet served with a side of fresh garden salad and steamed fresh tender french beans.  Doesn't get any better than this!!

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