Hickory Smoked Chicken using Vertical Chicken Roaster

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Needed a Guinea Pig chicken for my trial run at using Jans Dry Rub so I picked up a little 5 ¼ lb bird for my victim.  Notice the fresh mixed bag of rub and the Vertical Chicken Roaster being used for the test.  There’s a zillion variations of the Roaster and they are quite inexpensive.  Sure makes it easy to hang a bird upright …  Course, Jim Beam goes with everything  Grin Grin

Rubbed the young chicken with EVOO and a liberal amount of Jans Dry Rub.  Paid extra attention to applying the rub as much as possible under the skin and inside the cavity.  Trimmed off some of the fat from the bird but in hind sight maybe I should have left more of it on so that it would baste the bird.  Not that it came out dry but just a thought since the roaster catches the grease.

Here’s that beauty ready for the OBS.  PID @ 250ºF, vent wide open, and used 2 hours of Hickory

4 hours later the IT was only @ 154º in the thickest part of the breast.  As this was my first whole chicken I learned that I needed to put the bird in a lot sooner than I did in order to eat at a decent time.  Pulled the bird with an IT of 154º and finished her off in a 450º oven for 15 minutes.

Here is what the bird looked like when I pulled it from the OBS.  Using the Vertical Chicken Roaster sure did make cleanup simple.  All the grease was deposited at the bottom of the Roaster so there was nothing inside the OBS to clean except the water bowl.  I like that  Cheesy

The $$shot

Lessons Learned:

  • Jan’s Dry Rub was everything it was advertised to be and then some
  • Hickory adds another dimension to smoked chicken.  Only used Pecan and Apple before
  • Vertical Chicken Roaster really made clean up a cinch
  • Yummmmm … It was delicious

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