Traeger PTG modified with Auber SYL-2372 PID Controller

Bought a Traeger PTG for the RV with high hopes of being able to take pellet smoking-grilling on the road.  From day one I experienced flame out issues with temperatures under 300ºF and massive temperature swings when the unit stays lit.

Before anyone asks … I ran many tests using the standard Traeger 3 position switch, the Ortech TR-100, and Traeger digital controller.  Worked closely with Ortech and Traeger tech support but was unable to rectify my issues.

Researched PID solutions on forums and other sources and decided that I have nothing to lose and everything to gain by installing an Auber SYL-2372 PID in my PTG.  Using the standard 3-position switch for the face plate, K type thermocouple, and assorted parts … Less than $100!


Wired as per the wiring diagram below and inserted an ON/OFF switch between pin 6 and the Auger Motor for manual operation of the Auger in order to help minimize temperature overshoots.


Decided to mount the K type thermocouple inside the unit cause while traveling I didn’t want to have to deal with clipping the thermocouple on the grill.  I’m hoping that since the PTG has such a small cooking chamber it won’t do too much harm by being mounted in the same position that the RTD normally gets mounted.  A little tight in here but not bad.  The bottom of this compartment has slots on the bottom for a bit of cooling.


I must give credit where credit is due for the chassis modification, hardware mounting, and wiring to my Son who is a Journeyman Electrician.  He did a fantastic job …  Unit passed the smoke test (didn’t burn up when I turned it ON).   Time to set Parameters, auto tune, run some test, and take it on the road with me in the RV.  Here’s the PTG with the PID,  K type thermocouple, 5 amp fuse, and manual switch for the Auger.


Plugged the Traeger PTG in and the FAN is always ON as per design.  Turned the Auger Switch to ON and turned Power ON.  Allowed the Auger to run for 45 seconds, then OFF to help prevent initial temp overshoots.  Auger, Igniter, and Fan did their job and the pit started having a nice fire.  So far so good …

Installed the grease pan and grill.  Note the horizontal position of the K-type thermocouple.  Using two Maverick ET-732 probes to monitor the grill temperature at the Back and Front of the PTG.  Documented the temperatures of the thermocouple and ET-732 probes.


Here is a reference photo showing the size of the Traeger PTG Tailgate Pellet Grill compared to a MAK 2 Star Wood Pellet BBQ Smoker-Grill … I asked my PTG what it wanted to be when it grew up and it said “a MAK 2 Star”!!

Got me an iGrill to monitor temps but also cause it’ll allow me to graph my cooks.  iDevices had a Super Bowl special which included the iGrill, 2 meat probles, 1 ambient probe, an apron, and BBQ sauce.  All I need to do now is to Convince SWMBO to let me use her iPad.

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  1. Lal Kattil
    | Reply

    I plan to install PID controller to PTG.
    I am a double E graduate and worked lot in electronics stuff.
    I might come across some questions on installation, if you dont mind Could you please give me your email ID.


    • smokerpete
      | Reply

      Sent you an email. Thanks for your support.

  2. carey
    | Reply

    I noticed you pulled your 3 speed control and installed the PTG DIGITAL THERMOSTAT KIT. Maybe I missed it, but were you still experiencing flame out issues after installing the digital thermostat kit? Have you heard of others whose experience has been better than yours? I just picked up a PTG at the store today, have yet to start it up, because I wanted to investigate issues people were having first.


    • smokerpete
      | Reply

      Sent you an email but the short answer is YES I did have issues with flame outs after installing the digital thermostat kit.

  3. Perry
    | Reply

    Hi SmokerPete

    Nice , neat job. How is performance overall ? Is temp range +- 5D?
    I plan to put in a Traeger junior.Would you recommend this over a Ortech or Traeger Controller? Thanks for sharing.


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