Smoked TRISKET Roast

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Smoked TRISKET Roast

Smoked TRISKET Roast

What you ask is a "Smoked TRISKET Roast"? Unless you've read the LetsTalkBBQ Forum you probably have never heard of a TRISKET. You won't find this cut of beef at any Butcher shop or grocery store meat counter.The reason being is that a TRISKET is a Tri-Tip roast cooked to perfection like a Brisket. Therefore the Tri-Tip becomes a TRItip and briSKET. I first saw a TRISKET recipe when Forum user muebe took a Tri-Tip roast and cooked it like a Brisket to an internal temperature of 200ºF.

Many, including myself, normally think that it's sacrilegious to cook a Tri-Tip roast past medium-rare (135º to 145ºF). But after seeing multiple postings of TRISKET photos and write-ups about how delicious the results were I followed suit.

It was an unqualified success. I will say that SWMBO gave me the evil eye when I pulled the Tri-Tip at 140ºF to wrap in foil cause that's the sweet spot for me - when my Tri-Tips are so tender you can cut them with a fork and it practically melts in your mouth. I was somewhat skeptical but the results are delicious. Very moist and tender results. Sure is a lot easier to cook than a brisket and to me tasted a lot better than a brisket. Also since there's only the 2 of us it's a lot cheaper to smoke/cook a TRISKET than spend $30 - $50 for a brisket. Plus, there is no stall to worry about!

TRISKET smoking @ 225ºF
Smoked TRISKET after 2 hours

Prep the TRISKET like you would any other Tri-Tip roast using your favorite Tri-Tip roast seasoning or Pete's Western Rub (page 169 of my cookbook - The Wood Pellet Smoker and Grill Cookbook)

  • Trim any excess fat and silver skin from the Tri-Tip roast
  • Rub the Tri-Tip roast with an extra virgin olive oil and Pete's Western Rub
  • Wrap the roast with plastic and refrigerate overnight
  • Configure your wood pellet smoker-grill or your Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett for indirect cooking
  • Preheat your grill to 225ºF using Premium Perfect Mix
  • Smoke the TRISKET for approximately 2 hours till the internal temperature reaches 140ºF
  • Double wrap the TRISKET in heavy duty foil and return to grill
  • Increase the pit temperature to 275ºF
  • Remove the TRISKET when the internal temperature reaches 200ºF
  • Rest the TRISKET in the foil for 15 minutes before carving against the grain

For planning purposes: Total time ~ 4 hours - 30 min preheat/2 hours @225º/hour & 15 min @275º/Rest 15 min

Smoked TRISKET & Salad

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