Ribeye Steaks on the SRG

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Grilling Salmon using a foil boat yesterday certainly didn’t disappoint my taste buds but in essence I learned that it amounted to frying the Salmon.  Next time I’ll do them naked on the SRG grill Shocked Grin

Decided to break in my SRG grill properly today with a couple of Ribeye Steaks I picked up at Fagundes Meats, my local butcher.  Kept it simple by dusting the steaks with a little fagundes Seasoning and left them in the fridge for a few hours.  A little mushrooms and fried cabbage along with some steamed broccoli  Smiley

Here they are after being flipped for their one and only time … Like the nice Grill marks that the SRG provides

The money $$hot … A nice chunk of Ribeye Steak along with some stir fried veggies.  Another nice addition to my growing repertoire of Low-Carb meals  Grin Bon Appétit !!

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