Hickory Smoked Top Sirloin Beef Jerky

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Joined the Jerky club today and done did me 9 lbs of Teriyaki Top Sirloin beef jerky Grin Visited my local butcher, Fagundes Meats, and ordered 7 lbs of Top Sirloin marinated with Teriyaki which I picked up yesterday and threw in the fridge overnight.  I really enjoy patronizing my local butcher cause Frank and/or his staff always greets me by name and we have time to chew the fat and bounce ideas around.  Kind of like the old days  Smiley Wink Another thing is I ordered 7 lbs and got 9 lbs Grin Service like that is hard to find these days and these guys are butchers not meat cutters (not that there’s anything wrong with that) like you find in your supermarkets.

So here’s the 9 lbs marinaded and vacuum sealed by my butcher going into the fridge overnight.

The Top Sirloin was sliced with the grain and I spent a little time cutting them down to size.  Used 4 racks with Frog Mats and 4 Bradley Jerky Racks to double my OBS capacity.

With all the great recipes that the Bradley Forum members have shared it was hard choosing who’s method I would pick for my first batch of Jerky.  When all was said and done I selected NePaSmoKer’s method.  I preheated to 140º and slapped the 4 double racks in the OBS for an hour.  Then bumped the PID to 150º and applied 5 pucks of Hickory.  After the 1.6 hours of Hickory smoke I bumped it up to 165º for the next 4 hours.

Here is what the Jerky looked like after the Hickory smoke was applied to it.

As per everyone’s gracious information I rotated the racks top to bottom and front to back every hour.

Here’s the money $$hot.  This is maybe 2/3 of the batch which I picked out and placed the remainder which consisted of 4 racks back into the OBS to cook a while longer.  Pulled the Jerky when they bent before they were overdone and broke or cracked.  In the whole batch I only had on piece which was overdone Smiley Now they’re resting in a brown paper bag overnight in the fridge.  Will vacuum seal them tomorrow.

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