Hickory Smoked Pork Shoulder Roast

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It was time to get off my Butt  Grin so I picked up a nice 8.59lb Pork Shoulder Roast from my local butcher, Fagundes Meats,  for my 1st Pulled Pork.  Using my Bradley® Electric Smoker at 225ºF with 5 hours of Hickory smoke.  Figuring on 18-20 hours for some succulent Pulled Pork.

Slathered the Butt with some CT and John Henry’s Pecan Rub Seasoning.  Wrapped in plastic food wrap and into the fridge overnight.  The Pork Shoulder Roast was well trimmed and had a nice small fat cap on it.

Into the OBS for 5 hours of Hickory with the PID set at 225ºF for 30 hours.  20 minutes later is when the troubles reared their ugly head.  First off the Smoke Generator would not advance any bisquettes.  After many attempts I unloaded all the Hickory pucks and to make a long story short I loaded a bisquette manually every 20 minutes for 5 hours.  Hey, I got my exercise Grin So the bottom line is I need to clean the SG more often  Embarrassed

Then I noticed a large pool of water under the OBS.  Turns out that the foil which was holding 4+ cups of hot water had a hole in it and the water was all over the bottom of the OBS and leaked out through the front left leg assembly.  Long story short – got a new pan, mopped everything up and continued on with my 1st Butt Grin Note to self:  Don’t be too frugal (that’s cheap to everyone else but in Ripon the Dutch like to say they’re ‘frugal’)

Here’s the Butt after 22½ hours.  Fortunately I’ve read so many posts from everyone that I knew not to panic when the Butt stalled.  In the first 6 hours it went from an IT of 48º to 156º.  I’m thinking this is gonna be done in no time … Wrong!!!!  That’s when I remembered about the STALL.  It’s gonna stall – it always stalls – and yup … everything slowed to a crawl.  But then I was in no hurry.  It took another 15½ hours to go from 156º to 198º.  That’s when I pulled it.  I will say that I’m really glad my Son installed a 2nd element in my OBS cause with the PID it performed flawlessly.  Got me some nice bark on that porker.

Here it is after a 3 hour FTC.  I was going to do 4 hours FTC but my appetite got the best of me  Roll Eyes

Using the new pitch forks the wife picked up for me I pulled my first Butt.  Everything was so moist and tender that I didn’t even need the meat puller.  It literally just fell off the bone.

Wife had a nice Sammy but I just grazzed Wink So here’s the money $hot with the bark mixed in.  All in all, it was a huge success and I just received a call my two granddaughters who just loved the meat.  That made it all worth while!  I need to do me another one or two real soon.  But after my first 24+ hour smoke/FTC I think I’ll just kick back and get some zzzzz’s  Grin Grin

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