First MAK 2 Star Pellet Grill Pork Butts

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First shot at a couple of 6 lb Pork Shoulder Boston Butts using my MAK 2 Star Pellet Grill.  Rubbed the Butts with Carolina Treet and John Henry’s Texas Pig Rub.  Wrapped in plastic and set in fridge overnight

Took the Butts out of the fridge and allowed them to come to room temperature for an hour.  Preheated the MAK 2 Star to 225º using Hickory wood BBQ pellets.  Slapped the Boston Butts in at 9 PM.  Watched them till around 1 AM before taking a snooze …

At 7:15 the next morning the Butts had an IT of 168º and 164º.  Right smack into a nice stall.  There’s 3 things you can count on:  Death, Taxes, and a stall on your Pork Butts

Pulled at 1:30 PM when IT1 hit 203º and IT2 was 197º.  16½ hours later.  Got a nice glimpse of a smoke ring.  Note that I have the fat cap side up but in hind sight, I’m going to be placing the fat cap side down from now on to help promote a better bark formation … not that there’s anything wrong with the looks of this bark!!

Foil, Towel, and Cooler (FTC) for 4+ hours

I be liking the look of these Pork Butts.   Nice bark formation and an impressive smoke ring

The money $shot … Pulled Pork Butt, a fresh Growler of Amber, Cole Slaw, Beans, and a selection of finishing Sauces …

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