Alder Smoked Salmon in Wood BBQ Pellet Smoker-Grill

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We all prefer Fresh Salmon but when in a pinch, Atlantic Skinless Farmed Salmon from Costco serves it’s purpose.   Each filet is individually wrapped and average 7 oz portions.  Unlike a white fish salmon has a lot of natural oils and I prefer to just lightly season the filets before smoking/cooking them.

Preheated the MAK 2 Star General Wood Pellet BBQ Smoker-Grill to 180ºF (Smoke Setpoint) with Alder wood BBQ pellets and seasoned the Salmon with Head Country Championship Seasoning.  Smoked the salmon filets for an hour.  Used a Frog Mat to keep the Salmon from sticking to the grill.


Increased the MAK 2 Star temperature to 300ºF until the Internal Temperature of the salmon reached 145ºF which took approximately 20 minutes.


The Money $Shot$ … An delectable Alder Smoked Salmon Filet served with a side of steamed Asparagus accompanied by a salad …

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