18 lbs of Hickory Smoked Pulled Pork Butts – Turbo Recipe

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Asked on short notice to provide Pulled Pork for a friend’s event .  I was more than happy to oblige and chose the Turbo Method which reduces the formation of bark but not the results and flavor profiles.  Pork Butts, like Briskets, will go into a stall when the meat reaches an Internal Temperature of 155-170ºF.  Wrapping the Butts in foil accelerates your cooking process through the stall!

Two 9 lb Cryovac Boneless Pork Butts from Cash & Carry @ $1.54/lb.  Trimmed Fat Cap down to ¼ inch, pockets of fat, and other unsightly bits and pieces.


Cut Pork Butts in half.  Rubbed every crevice with Annie’s Roasted Garlic EVOO for use as a glue and a heavy application of Jans Dry Rub.


As you can see, removal of the bone by the butcher/meat processing facility tends to leave the Butt in a less than firm state.  Used High Temp Silicone Cooking Bands to tie the loose ends together.  Wrapped the Pork Butts with Plastic and threw into the fridge for 16 hours.


Preheated the MAK 2 Star Wood Pellet BBQ Smoker-Grill to 225ºF using Hickory wood BBQ pellets.  Smoked the Pork Butts at 225ºF for 2 hours.


After 2 hours of Hickory smoke, bumped the temperature of the MAK 2 Star to 375ºF until the Internal Temperature (IT) reached 160ºF.  Removed the Butts, wrapped in double foil – keeping the meat probes in place – and returned to the 375ºF MAK 2 Star until the Pork Butts reached an IT of 200ºF … Foil, Towel, Cooler (FTC) for 4 hours before serving.


The Pulled Pork Butts turned out great and I didn’t hear any complaints.  Low-and-Slow is the preferred method but in a pinch the Turbo method will do just fine!!!

Took 4½ hours to go from an IT of 42ºF to 200ºF.  Add 4 hour for the FTC and you have delicious Pulled Pork in under 9 hours.

  • Removed Pork Butts from refrigerator at 1:30 am and turned on MAK 2 Star to 225ºF to preheat.  Allow Butts to slowly come to room temperature before cooking
  • IN @ 2 am … IT @ 42ºF … 2 hours of Hickory Smoke
  • AT 4 am … IT @ 105ºF … Bump temperature to 375ºF until IT reaches 160ºF
  • At 5 am … IT @ 162ºF … Remove Butts and double wrap in foil … Return to MAK 2 Star
  • OUT @ 6:30 am … IT @ 202ºF
  • FTC for 4 hours

** NOTE ** :  ALWAYS cook to Internal Temperature.  Do not rely on times cause every cut of meat is different.

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