Smoked Half Chicken

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Smoked Half Chicken

Smoked Half Chicken

I can't remember the last time I smoked a whole or half chicken because Costco rotisserie chickens for under $5 is just too good to pass up. You literally can't buy a chicken and cook it yourself for that kind of money! Obviously, Costco is not making anything from those rotisserie chickens but they certainly are delicious. Unfortunately, right now it's not that conducive to shop at Costco because due to the Covid-19 issues you will have to wear a mask and stand in lines just to enter the store. During our last visit we found large Foster Farms chickens for 99¢ a pound and decided that I needed to have to have some chicken in my freezer besides just chicken thighs. Even last week there was a limit of 1 package of 2 per person. Times are changing but not necessarily for the best!

Carefully peeled back the chicken skin and rubbed the half chicken under and on the skin with Roasted Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Then liberally seasoned under and on the skin with Jan's Original Dry Rub (see photos below). You can find the recipe for the rub on page 168 of my cookbook, The Wood Pellet Smoker and Grill Cookbook. Wrapped in plastic and refrigerated the seasoned half chicken in the refrigerator for 4 hours. Poultry is very porous and doesn't need much more than 4 hours.

Seasoned Chicken Half Under Skin
Seasoned Chicken Half
Smokin' Half Chicken

Preheated my Green Mountain Grills WiFi Controlled Davy Crockett Portable Wood Pellet Grill to 225ºF using 100% hard wood Premium Perfect Mix wood pellets. Placed the half chicken in a foil pan on a small wire rack to keep the half chicken out of the grease/drippings and to keep the Davy Crockett clean. I prefer not to have to have to clean the grease pan after cooking poultry. From past experience, I know it's going to be a greasy mess.

Smoked the half chicken at 225ºF for 45 minutes before bumping the Davy Crockett pit temperature to 350ºF. Finished cooking the smoked half chicken until the thickest part of breast reached an internal temperature of 170ºF. Rested the Smoked Half Chicken for 10 minutes loosely under a foil tent before serving ... For planning purposes only -> About 2¼ to 2¾ hours from start to finish (Preheat, smoke, roast, rest). Served with roasted red potatoes & onions with a side of green salad.

Smoked Chicken Breast with sides

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  1. PattiAnn
    | Reply

    Looks yummy. 👍

  2. Joe
    | Reply

    This looks interesting, I will try it with the chicken I have. Would placing the half chicken on an upper rack, with an empty pan below it produce the same results as you experienced?

    • Pete Jautaikis
      | Reply

      Yes Joe, you can produce the same results cooking the half chicken on an upper rack. You don’t have to use a foil pan – it’s just that in my old age I prefer to keep the cleaning down to a minimum. The chicken will cook great right on the grill grates or on a Teflon grill mat. Enjoy.

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