Fagundes Meats – Sausage Field Trip

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Visited my local butcher, Fagundes Meats in Manteca, CA.  Did not get a chance today to get my hands dirty but the visit was priceless cause I got a chance to watch and pick the brains of some accomplished sausage makers.  Today they were processing Venison Snack Sticks and Linguiça sausages.  The good part is that I’m welcome to return anytime I want and get more training.  I even volunteered to work for free just to perfect the art of sausage making.  Time will tell  Smiley
Fagundes Meats

Meat Grinder

Grinder being fed

Venison ready to be stuffed.  They process each deer individually to the customer’s specs

50 lb hydraulic stuffer

Stuffing Linguiça

Tying off the sausages

Venison Snack Sticks and Linguiça drying and ready for the smoker

Sausage in smoke house

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