Fagundes Famous Seasoning Mix and BBQ Sauces

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Fagundes Meats & Catering was started in 1978 by two Portuguese Brothers Gill and Americo Fagundes.  It is presently owned by Butcher Frank Teixeira, the Grandson of Americo.  Americo Fagundes first blended the now famous Fagundes Seasoning when he chose to cater his daughter’s wedding in 1980 where he served New York Steaks to 900 guests.  Before the night was over, Americo was overwhelmed with requests for the seasoning and recipe.


Unwilling to divulge the seasoning recipe Fagundes Meats for years chose to season meats and poultry to customers for FREE.  Frank the Butcher (pictured above)  lovingly recalls that 90% of customers would come into the Meat Market for the great meats and poultry and have them seasoned.  To this date, they will still season it for you if you ask.

In 1990 Frank decided to develop Fagundes Famous Seasoning for commercial outlets after years of in-house sales of bags and shipping the seasoning to customers who left the area.  Today the seasoning can be found in numerous Grocery Outlets in Northern California.

The first thing you’ll notice is that Fagundes Seasoning does not overpower the natural flavors of meats and poultry.  The seasoning  interactions with Beef,  Chicken, Fish, Pork, Turkey, Salads, Eggs, etc. is uncanny.  Originally the seasoning was only used on Beef but it quickly became apparent that it is an amazing all purpose seasoning.  The WOW factor is at the top of the charts!!  Knowing first hand the combination of spices and flavors, I continue to be impressed.  Fagundes Seasoning lends itself to Low-and-Slow cooking and smoking, Grilling, Roasting, Frying, etc.  If you want to kick it up a notch … no problem – just add garlic, peppers, and anything else you prefer to use and you’ll find it will not overshadow the results.

Here’s a Fagundes Meats secret for a great and easy marinate to use with any type of Meat and Poultry:

“The Nector of the gods” … Yes, it’s Hamm’s Beer!!
For some fantastic results, try using 1 can of Hamm’s Beer with some Fagundes Famous Seasoning and marinade for 2 hours but for best results, keep it overnight in the fridge.  If you have a tumbler you’ll be amazed at the results.  Trust me … other beers have been tried but you need to use Hamm’s!!

Since I have never been much for BBQ Sauces I will reserve my review of the Fagundes Famous BBQ Sauces for another day.  But if they are anything like their seasoning I’ll bet you they’re great.

I guarantee that if you remove your Salt and Pepper from your spice cabinet and replace it with Fagundes Seasoning you’ll not miss the Salt and Pepper or any other spices.

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  1. jeanne
    | Reply

    I would like to buy some fagundes seasoning please

  2. Delcia R
    | Reply

    No insult intended; Is there any MSG in this? I assume not, but am highly sensitive to it.

    • Pete Jautaikis
      | Reply

      Absolutely NO MSG … Ingredients are: Salt, Dehydrated Garlic, Spice, Modified Tapioca Starch, Sugar, Natural Flavors (Including Extractives of Celery Seed). Enjoy!

  3. scott elliott
    | Reply

    We now live in Wisconsin and can get Hamms beer everywhere. Gonna get some and add our Fagundes to it for rotisserie chicken

    • Pete Jautaikis
      | Reply

      Hamms … The nectar of the gods!! Enjoy

  4. fernanda
    | Reply

    will you send me so seasoning? to Texas

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