Maple Smoked Pork Butt Roast

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Maple Smoked Pork Butt RoastMaple Smoked Pork Butt RoastMaple Smoked Pork Butt Roast – Try using Premium 100% Sweet Maple wood pellets when smoking your next Pork Butt Roast. Yes, you can take a Pork Butt to 205ºF, Foil … Read More

Apple Mash Smoked Turkey

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Apple Mash Smoked TurkeyApple Mash Smoked Turkey – Enjoyed a wonderful delicious Thanksgiving dinner consisting of turkey, ham, with all the trimmings yesterday with our youngest Son’s family and our Daughter-in-law’s family. It’s an annual tradition that works out for … Read More

Smoked New York Strip Loin

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Smoked New York Strip LoinSmoked New York Strip LoinWhy is it called a ‘New York Strip Loin’? … Delmonico’s Restaurant, an operation opened in New York City in 1827, offered as one of its signature dishes a cut from the short … Read More

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