Smoked Black Cherry St Louis Ribs

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Smoked Black Cherry St Louis RibsSeasoned ribs smokingSmoked Black Cherry RibsSmoked Black Cherry St Louis RibsI normally use Hickory, Apple, or Premium Perfect Mix wood pellets when smokin’ St Louis style ribs. The results are scrumptious! So this time … Read More

Smoked Bone-In Chicken thighs

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Smoked Bone-In Chicken thighsSmoked Bone-In Chicken thighsHealth officials once again warned consumers about the dangers of washing raw chicken before cooking it, citing the risk of spreading harmful bacteria to utensils or other foods. In a tweet sent out on … Read More

Smoked Atlantic Salmon

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Smoked Atlantic SalmonSmoked Atlantic SalmonHave you ever hot smoked Atlantic salmon filets? If not then follow this easy recipe for some delectable results. No need to brine the salmon – just use some of your favorite seafood seasoning and let … Read More

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