Alder Smoked Kenai River Silver Salmond

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Got down to a few servings of Kenai River Silver Salmon I caught this summer at Centennial Park, Soldatna, Alaska so I decided to smoke them

Naturally I opted to use Kummok’s Smoked Alaskan Salmon recipe for the task.  Kummok is from Homer, AK.  Here is a photo overlooking the famous Spit in Homer.  Imagine having to live with this kind of scenery!!

Here I am on the Kenai River holding one of the Silver salmon

One of the many breathtaking sunsets on the Kenai River.  Using roe and light tackle.  Talk about fun!!!

Smoking these beauties as I type.  Should be ready in about an hour

You gotta love it … from the Kenai River to my Bradley.  The finished product.  Used Alder

Like Kummok says “… I personally believe that you’d have to try REAL hard to make a batch of smoke salmon unpalatable by over smoking/cooking …”

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