6 lb SRG Roasted Yardbird!!

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Safeway was having a sale on these huge 6 lb yardbirds.  They were 79¢/lb for fresh Foster Farms.  These things looked like baby turkeys Shocked Couldn’t pass this up!!  With the rain and all I chose the easy road and popped it into the SRG.  But not before I rubbed it with Roasted Garlic EVOO and John Henry’s Texas Chicken Tickler.

Here’s that behemoth rubbed up and ready for the SRG.  Used an old trusty stand up roaster to catch all the drippins.  Makes for easy cleanups

Sure do love that ET-732 probe.  Almost ready to pull.  Getting up to 167º.  Roasting on HIGH with the Lid OPEN.

This beast was huge.  There’s enough there for us to graze on for 3 days

The money $$hot … Look at the size of just half a breast!! Used the Wok and make some Faux Fried Rice for a side dish to go with the salad.  Faux Fried Rice is made by substituting finely chopped cauliflower for cooked rice.

The John Henry’s Texas Chicken Tickler produced a milder seasoned bird than I was expecting but none the less it was extremely flavorful and moist.  I go out of my way to rub the EVOO and seasonings under the skin as well as on the skin.

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