MAK Grill Wi-Fi Smoked Turkey

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Hickory Smoked Spatchcock TurkeyReplaced my MAK 2 Star General wood pellet smoker-grill Pellet Boss Controller Bluetooth module last year with a Wi-Fi module. I really like the remote control capabilities of both technologies but for a tech junkie like myself … Read More

Smoked Spatchcock Turkey

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Apple smoked spatchcock turkey on MAK 2 Star pellet smoker-grill The holidays provide great opportunities to stock your freezer with inexpensive Turkeys used mostly as lost leaders by grocery chains to get you into their store.  We’ve all seen it … Read More

Herb Roasted Turkey Roast

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A Foster Farms Roasted Herb Fresh Turkey Breast Roast is a quick and delicious way to enjoy the benefits of Turkey.  I normally prefer Bone-In Turkey Breasts but boneless Breast Roasts work just as well.Picked up a pre-marinated, with 100% … Read More

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