Braised Chuck Cross Rib Roast

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Found a nice sale on a Boneless Beef Chuck Cross Rib Roast – 4 lb @ $1.99/lb – so I decided to try Braising the Roast in the MAK.  Elevated the Roast in a pan and used some Coors Light.  Used some Roasted Garlic EVOO for the glue, seasoned the Roast with a liberal amount of Fagundes Seasoning, cut some slits and inserted some chunks of garlic.

Set the MAK on SMOKE for 45 minutes using Apple wood BBQ pellets.

Setpoint to 325ºF after the SMOKE till Internal Temperature reached 150ºF.

Rested the Cross Rib Roast under a tent foil for 20 minutes.  Granted 150º might seem high to some but it works for SWMBO and I.   All in all, nice way to take a cheap cut of beef and turn it into a enjoyable meal.

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